- Babeth Mondini vanLoo

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Babeth Mondini vanLoo

Film & TV Director , producer and Media-artist.
Masters in Film 1977, San Francisco, California

Studied Social Sculpture with Prof. Joseph Beuys at the academy in Düsseldorf, Germany. Continued her Film study in the United States. Masters Degree at the San Francisco Art Institute, 1977.

1980: Founded Film Art Productions Amsterdam and directed/produced about 40 films and video projects (several with Joseph Beuys). Her work has been shown worldwide:
PBS, USA; NHK, Japan; WDR Germany; Antenne 2, France; and for Dutch television stations: VPRO, IKON and EO Television.

She is one of the professors of the Free International University, F.I.U. Amsterdam, and is cofounder and board member of the FIUWAC (Free International University World Art Collection) since 1999.

1994 – 2001 Babeth worked as producer and personal assistant for the filmmaker Johan van der Keuken.

Since 2000 Babeth is Programming director of the Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation (BOS).

For more info about the artist and his work, please go to her website: ~www.desk.nl/~filmart/

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