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Carl Giskes

Born 1949 (18th November), Krefeld, Germany.
1964-67 Educated as engraver.
1968/69 Education Road Engineering.
1970/71  Pavement design and execution in public and private space.
1972-78 Worldwide investigations in 79 countries (Adobe and clay building).
1978 -81 Manager of Fluxus Zone Westend Krefeld  (With Caco Ramacher and U We Claus.
1981/82 Worked for Joseph Beuys on F.I.U. project Gut Schirmau, Eiffel Germany and on The Beuys project 7000 Eichen, Documenta 7 Kassel, (Beuys Bureau).
Produced the Beuys sculpture “am Ende des zwanszigsten Jahrhundert” ('at the end of the 20th century’), Tate Gallery London.
Action “Milk and Honey on the Rocks”, Friedrichs Platz, Documenta 7 Kassel.
1983/84 Construction Supervisor in building project Freie Walfdorf Schule Hannover/Botfeld, Germany.
1985-90 Realisation of 19 Adobe buildings in: Germany, Holland, Algeria, Burkina Faso and Mali.
Since 1985 Projects with F.I.U. member Louwrien Wijers: Art Meets Science and Spirituality in a changing economy, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
1990-2000 Research/innovation/production of clay stucco’s and other products for sustainable and environmental building.
Professor at the F.I.U. Amsterdam, (International workshops, lectures and publications).
1990 Founder/Director of ‘Leembouw Nederland’;
1997 Co founder of the F.I.U. Summer School project Normandy, France (Ongoing, report will follow in updates)
Carl Giskes is Married to Catharina Ammerlaan since 1989, and the father of 5 children (Sarah, Herman, Louwriene, Nika and Olivier)

Carl Giskes and Johannes Stüttgen, 7000 Eichen

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