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Patrick Healy

Philosopher, writer. Born in Dublin 1955. He has published in the area of aesthetics, artists biographies and philosophy. Lectures extensively throughout the world, and has been a Professor of the FIU since 1997. Has collaborated on PPP with Hilarius Hofstede, and lives in Amsterdam. He has participated in exhibitions with paintings and performance works. Member of the FIUWAC and PPP. He teaches in the Architecture Faculty, TU Delft.

A brief chronological listing of the education and work of Patrick Healy is shown below.

The following is a brief chronological listing of the education and work of Patrick Healy. Not all publications or awards have been listed, and this is intended as a short overview.

Publications in 2005:

- Natural Born History, catalogue for exhibition at Kunsthistorisk Museum, Aarhus, 2005
- Images of Knowledge, an introduction to contemporary Philosophy of Science, Sun, Amsterdam, 2005.
- Jacobus Kloppenburg, monograph, Wienand Verlag, Koln, 2005
- Catalogue of Free International University World Art collection, and preparation of site, with Waldo Bien and Daniël de Leeuw, see FIUWAC.com
- Reader, The book of Perception, from September, running weekly. Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam.
- Translation with Deborah Hauptmann of Bergson, Quod Arristotles de loco senserit, completed this year and awaiting publication. First complete translation into English of Bergson's thesis work for the Sorbonne.
- Reader of Max Raphael articles, with translations, for Flowers and Crystals, Delft Faculty of Architecture. Available to seminar group only.
- Completion of text on Richard Stout, publication forthcoming, 2006.

Articles, Reviews in 2005-6:

- 'That's boring', article Pantheon, 2005.
- 'Pollachos Polis Legetai' article -forthcoming- November ,2005
- 'The Stoical Body', article forthcoming in The Body in architecture. 010 Rotterdam 2006
- De-signing the urban, 010, Rotterdam, editors, de Bruyn and Healy, September 2006.
- Texts on artists Bilal Chahal, Itamar Gilboa, available on web. ‘The works of Bilal Chahal' and ‘The signature of Difference'.
- 'Ladies and Gentlemen' article, in Literary and Historical Society publication, ed. Frank Callanan, Dublin, 2005.

Seminars in 2005:

-Relations and Forms, DSD seminar.
-Seminar, Window and Mirrors', seminar on the Phenomenology of Perception, Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. Photography section
-Seminar, Criticality, Complexity and Communication, DSD , from September.

Others in 2005:

- Tokyo Pop Shop, Keith Haring, participation in exhibition, and film documentary. Keith Haring, Pop Shop Tokyo, camera and director; Sanne van der Noort, produced; George Mulder Fine Art, Berlin, Leo Malca Fine Art, New York
- Conferences; Space Syntax Delft. Moderator final session
- Lectures, courses, Beauty and the Sublime, Philosophy of Science, Delft, Faculty of Architecture. Individual listing available.
- Participation in The Tsukiji Project, a documentary by Marc Boumeester, narration
- Preparation with Waldo Bien of January 6 th 2006 exhibition of Jacobus Kloppenburg, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam


- Órnament now?, article, Oase 65.pp.41-65
- Paleo Psycho Pop, 27,28,29. Editor, diverse articles and contributions.
- Free International University World Art Collection, cataloguing , in progress.
- F.I.U. Amsterdam, series of lectures on pre-Socratic philosophy, unpublished, recorded for FIU
- CD with Henk van Engelen of Paleo Psycho Pop
- Recording of edited version of Edmund Burke, An Enquiry into the origin of our ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful. A Zero Engele production, Amsterdam, 2004.
- The Other Blue' publication and recording of recent poems.
- Relations and Forms , seminar DSD.Description available on DSD site.
- Lectures, Beauty and the Sublime, Philosophy of Science . Individual listing available.
- Catalogue of Free International University World Art collection, and preparation of site, with Waldo Bien and Daniël de Leeuw, see FIUWAC.com
- Jan van Ecyk Academy Maastricht , two day visit, report in Annual Report 2004. The Visit, p 22, Authoring the City, 24 hour meeting.text on web-site. Collaboration with Annelys Vet. Studio visits.
- Collaboration with Deborah Hauptmann on translation of Bergson, Quod Aristoteles de loco senserit . In progress.
- Preparation of FIU special report on Jacobus Kloppenburg, and translation of text from Dutch with Gijs van Koningsveld and Henk van Engelen. Distributed as pamphlet December 2004.
- Bison Caravan, Watertoren , Vlissingen , exhibition curated by Hilarius Hofstede, participation with works on paper.
- Zuidas, Symposium, paper delivered, ‘Names and the City' .
- Holy Smoke , film with Guy Melamed. Script and role.


- Virgil Grotfeld, including the series with Waldo Bien, introduction by Walter Hopps, Wienand Verlag, Koln . See web site of Wienand for details.
- Beauty and the Sublime , Sun, Nijmegen/Amsterdam, 2003.
- Bison Nobis, PPP Publications, in association with Aarhus Kunst Museum, Rotterdam, 2003. Edition of 50 copies. Text available, bisoncaravan.org
- Bison Caravan, exhibition, Aarhus Kunstmuseum, participation with works on paper.
- Bison Caravan, Friche de la Belle de Mai, Marseilles, curator Alfons Alt.
- Paleo Psycho Pop, editor and diverse contributions.
- Polynesian Instant Geography, PIG, Royal Museum Brussels , Imschoot , Uitgevers, Ghent
- ‘Bookbindings at Churchill', in A year at Churchill, ed. William Laffan, Churchill House Press, Tralee , 2003, pp. 306-309.
- Lecture series. Beauty and the Sublime, Minimalism and Pragmatism. Faculty of Architecture, Delft.
- Course on Heraclitus and the creative fire with remarks on Joseph Beuys and his fire lectures, for FIU, Amsterdam, 2003-04. recorded, unpublished.
- De Markies van Water, release of recording on 7 cd's of live performance reading of text of the Markies van Water, with diverse material, made as boxes in a limited edition. A PPP production in association with Watertoren, Vlissingen
- Research Trip to Houston and Dallas for text on Richard Stout, painter. In progress.


- LÍncubo, catalogue of work of Berend Hoekstra, De Beyerd, Breda, 2002. Summary in German distributed in Wiesbaden Museum, later in year during travelling exhibition of Hoekstra.
- F.I.U Amsterdam. Heidegger and Fink on Cosmos in Heraclitus, series of talks at FIU, Amsterdam. Recorded, unpublished.
- Free International University World Art Collection, at Triodos Bank, Zeist and Brussels, ongoing work with Waldo Bien.
- Paleo Psycho Pop, editor diverse contributions, drawings, poems, texts.
- Lecture series. Beauty and the Sublime, Drawing & Media. Faculty of Architecture, Delft.
- - Publication on 18th century Irish Landscape painting, Pyms Gallery London, edited. William Laffan, The Sublime and the beautiful.


- Free International World Art Collection, catalogue work.
- Lectures FIU, Max Raphael's empirical theory of art, recorded, unpublished.
- Invitation to give seminars at Faculty of Architecture, TU, Delft, from May.


- Waldo Bien, monograph, Recklinghausen, Rurhfestspiel. Wienand Verlag, Koln.
- Lecture work for National Association of the Fine and Decorative Arts of Great Britain, in Istanbul, Dublin, Cordoba, Seville & Granada. Individual lists are available.
- Hanover, at invitation of Irish Government, Irish Pavilion.


- Polynesian Instant Geography, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, catalogue.
-The Light Tower, PPP exhibition, Watertoren, Vlissingen. Recording and one day reading of De Markies van Water.
- Editor Paleo Psycho Pop, no.9
- Publication of second edition of novella Up in the Air and Down, Pallas Press, Dublin.


- Appointed Professor Interdisciplinary research, Free International University, Amsterdam.


- Invited as First Artist in Residence by Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, diverse activities, performances, publications until summer of following year. Individual listings available.
- Beginning of project on ‘social sculpture 'with members of the FIU, Amsterdam.
- Work with Onrust Gallery, Amsterdam.
- Exhibition Bishop's Court, paintings. One man show.
- Collaboration on Moscow Amsterdam Dublin Tour of Hilarius Hofstede.
- First number of Paleo Psycho Pop with Hilarius Hofstede.
- Work with Ira Cohen, Peter Lamborn Wilson et. al.
- Bog House, project with Waldo Bien in Kildare, Ireland.
- Lectures, Oxford, Maynooth, Dublin, -listings available-.
- Beckett conference Goldsmiths, London, paper.
- Film with Hilarius Hofstede, Sunlight Schizo.
- Van Reekum Museum, Appeldoorn. Lecture and performance, Finnegans Wake and the ornament of writing.


- Launch of 4 hour excerpt of Finnegans Wake reading, Lilliput Press, Dublin., including essay on Reading Finnegans Wake.
- Tour of Ireland, Galway, Cork, Derry.
- New York, reading, exhibition and publication, ‘Through the Lacan Glass' Lacanian Ink', available on web.
- Recording and publication of translation of Carl Einstein Bebuquin, Ion Press, New York.
- Article on Nietzsche, in Asylum, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland.
- Research on Beuys in Ireland.
- Work with Ira Cohen, Peter Lamborn Wilson et. al.
- Bog House, project with Waldo Bien in Kildare, Ireland.
- Lectures, Oxford, Maynooth, Dublin, -listings available-.
- Beckett conference Goldsmiths, London, paper.
- Film with Hilarius Hofstede, Sunlight Schizo.
- Van Reekum Museum, Appeldoorn. Lecture and performance, Finnegans Wake and the ornament of writing.


- Founded poetry journal in Ireland. Freelance academic work.


- Publication in Vienna in collaboration with Ron Manheim, Hans Jurgen Heinrich, Max Raphael, Die Frühen Schriften, Vienna. Work on translation of this volume into English. Completed.
- One man show on Oscar Wilde, script and performance.
- Lectures Waseda University Japan, Joyce, Heidegger and the modern project. Seminar work.
- Sydney, Theatre pieces on Joyce and Wilde, scripted and performed. Lectures at La Perouse. Individual listing over three months of day by day lectures and performances available. Lectures, at Western, Old Parliament House etc. Recorded for national archives in Canberra, available.
- Perth, Museum of Contemporary art, exhibition with Daniel Brown.
- ‘Matisse and the earliest theory of German Expressionism' Element', Dublin.
- Texts on the work of Hilarius Hofstede.
- Van Reekum Museum, Appeldoorn. Lecture and performance, Finnegans Wake and the ornament of writing.
- Recording of De Profundis and The Ballad of Reading Gaol, by Oscar Wilde, Sydney.


- Full recording of James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, with publication The Modern and the Wake, Rennicks Auriton Publication, The Lilliput Press and The Irish Museum of Modern Art, 17 cd's.
- Participation in television series on Joyce, broadcast 1992.
- Conference Vienna, on Max Raphael and Carl Einstein. Research paper presented.


- Publications of reviews and essays. List available. Research on Sources for Eighteenth Century Irish Stucco Decoration presented at National Gallery of Ireland, exhibition, in catalogue accompanying exhibition.


- Translation of Classical Man in Greek art from Max Raphael. Unpublished
- Research on film interview with Fellini, and interview Rome. Research paper on Eighteenth Century Irish stucco work decoration and its European sources.


- Conference in Hamburg to present results of research on Max Raphael, paper, and release of 11 volume Surhkamp edition.


- Continuing research on Max Raphael under direction of Professor Claude Schaefer Paris, and in collaboration with Hans Jurgen Heinrich, Frankfurt-am-Main. Translation Von Monet zu Picasso, complete. Paper on Raphael and the An Empirical Theory of Architecture, unpublished.


- Research on Max Raphael, Frankfurt, Paris.
- Publication of Gold-tooled Bookbinding commissioned by Trinity College Dublin in the Eighteenth Century, with J. Mc Donnell. Irish Georgian Society, Leixlip, 1987.


- Study year in Germany, Frankfurt-am-Main.


- Research on decorative arts in Ireland in the eighteenth century.
- Publication of Novella, Up in the Air and Down, Malton Press, Naas, Co. Kildare.


- Study year in Cambridge, England.


- Completion of research project Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and contributions to various publications of research findings in the history of medicine.
- One day performance in Theatre Rond-Point, Champs Elysee and lectures. Paris.


- Assistant to Professor for the History of Medicine, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, as part of three year project.
- Projects on Beuys in Ireland.
- Gallerie Annike Le Moine, Montparnasse, with Phillipe Sollers, on Joyce and Finnegans wake. Reading and series of ‘voice-drawings' exhibited.
- Work with Timothy Hennesey in Paris and Hydra, Greece.
- Work with Timothy Hennesey, Oliver Dowling Gallery, Dublin, essay and performance work.
- Project on the Hypnerotmachia Polipilia, Lutyens Gardens, and public spaces, dressing of monumental sculptures in Dublin and readings.


- Research position, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Department of the history of Medicine. Three year project.
- Parallel research in Irish eighteenth century art and theories of art, with special emphasis on Burke.

1979- 1980:

- Angelicum, studies on medieval philosophy. Visiting scholar.

1976- 1979:

- Studies of sociology and semitic languages, Hebrew, Arabic, University College Dublin.t.
- Auditor, Sociology Society, Gold medallist Literary and Historical Society, Secretary Italian Society
- Meeting with Joseph Beuys, in regard to founding of Free International University in Ireland, and Dorothy Walker, Ms. E Waldron et al. Informal developments in tandem with other studies.


- Philosophy studies, St. Columban' College Navan, Maynooth University, Dominican Priory Cork, completion by thesis, ‘On adequatio in the Thomist doctrine of truth'


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